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Tom & Lydia's House Events

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​​​Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Event Address?  The city of an event is provided prior to your ticket purchase.  The address of the home or location will be emailed to ticket holders 1-2 days prior to the event.  If you purchased tickets and do not receive an email with the address by the day before the event, please contact us.   
  • How to Buy Tickets:  Upcoming shows that do not have a "Buy Tickets" button next to them are only available to those on our mailing list. Click on the link in your email invitation to be taken to the ticket buying page for those events.  Events open to the public will have a "Buy Tickets" button next to the event.  
  • Dress Code: Our events are classy but not formal.  Business casual dress is appropriate.
  • Food:  Depending on the event, hor d'oeuvres and dessert may be served.  These items may be hosted and included in your ticket price and/or we will ask you to bring an hor d'oeuvre/dessert to share as part of your participation in addition to the ticket price.  This information will be in your event invite and communicated prior to you purchasing your ticket. 
  • Food Allergies:   While we cannot accommodate special requests for food allergies, when we host the food we provide Gluten free and Dairy free options which are clearly labelled on the dishes.  If you don't see such items marked, please inquire with your host.
  • Drinks:  We host wine, beer, sodas and coffee for each event.  You are welcome to bring an uncorked bottle of your favorite wine to share.  No hard alcohol is served.  
  • Can I Advertise My Baking or Catering Business?  Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available for HMS events!  Please contact us regarding sponsoring an event with catered food or dessert.  Without a formal sponsorship arrangement, all food brought to the event should be free from advertisements.  In respecting those who have paid to sponsor an event, we will re-plate any food item that has advertising attached without a sponsorship agreement.
  • How Loud is the Concert?  Most of our concerts are acoustic based, but all are amplifed to ensure a rich musical experience for all.  Some instruments, by nature, are louder in a concert environment even without amplification.  We encourage those who are sensitive to louder volumes to sit in the back.  Our event volumes are kept at a professional level to ensure a pleasurable experience for all.  
  • Is Seating Reserved?  One of the benefits of being a HMS event benefactor is the ability to reserve your seats prior to an event.  However, most of our events hold under 50 persons, so every seat is an excellent seat!  If you have a particular seating location you prefer, we encourage you to arrive early when the doors open and reserve a seat at that time. With the exception of benefactors, seating is on a first come basis.
  • Can I Bring a Guest the Night of Event?  Unless otherwise posted or communicated, pre-sale tickets are required to attend an event.  All who come to the event should already have a ticket purchased.  Tickets, if the show is not sold out, can be purchased online right up to the time of the event.  Seating is limited and we do our best to sell-out every show.  
  •  Is there an age limit?  Are children allowed?   We would love for children to engage in these events, but having four kids of our own, we know that every child is different and not every child can sit through an event such as these.  We don't have an age limit.  We do require that your child is able to remain attentive and engaged in the event without disrupting other guests (no digital devices during the event).  If your child can do this, they are welcome to attend.  A ticket is required for their seat.  If a child get's impatient in their seat, or is deamed to be a distraction to the other guests' experience, we may ask you to sit with them in another room.  
  • Can I video or take photos?   Each artist has different requirements regarding filming and photography.  You should come expecting it to not be allowed.  We will announce at the event if photography or video is allowed.  No flash photography is permitted.  We do ask, if video is permitted, that you are considerate of the guests around and behind you and to keep your recording device and screen from interupting their view and enjoyment of the event.  This is a private event.  
  • Ticket Proceeds: Proceeds from ticket sales cover the costs of hosting events and pay the artist(s).  HMS does not make any profit on the ticket sales.  Our goal is to support the artists.  Consider sponsoring an event with chair/table rentals, sound systems rentals, or catered food to help our keep costs down and help us provide support to the artists!