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From Bach, to Beatles, to Barn-Burners, fellow musicians and music lovers alike praise world-renowned fingerstyle guitarist Richard Smith.  By age 11 Richard was already sharing the stage with the world's most renown guitarists.  In 2001, Richard became the National Finger­style Guitar Champion in Winfield, Kansas. He was elected Thumbpicker of the Year in 2008 and inducted into the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame in Kentucky in 2009. He is also a recipient of the Golden Thumbpick Award by the Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists in California.

Now residing in Nashville, Richard has toured the world as a solo artist, teaming up with his wife Julie Adams for a unique guitar and cello duo, performing with his brothers Rob and Sam as the Richard Smith Guitar Trio and with his swing band, The Hot Club of Nashville, featuring Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Pat Bergeson on guitar and Charlie Chadwick on bass. Fellow guitar wizard Tommy Emmanuel prefers Richard Smith as one of his favourite duet partners.

What musicians say:

“The most amazing guy I know on the guitar. He can play anything I know, only better.”
Chet Atkins, CGP (music legend)

“If you like my playing, you should hear Richard Smith! The world champion!”
Tommy Emmanuel AM, CGP (two-time Grammy nominee)

“Guitar playing at its finest. Don’t miss this one.”
Doyle Dykes (thumbpicking wizard)

“He is one of the world’s greatest guitarists.”
Muriel Anderson (All-Star Guitar Night)

What the critics say:
“Richard Smith's fingers move so fast across the guitar strings that they're virtually a blur, but the music is pristinely clear … The heroes' hero ...”
Kyra Gottesman, Chico Enterprise-Record, Chico/CA

“If you're a lover of the only instrument able to turn mere mortals into gods, then here's a date for your diary.”
Champion Newspapers, Southport/United Kingdom

“There seems to be no limit to Richard’s ability to quickly master whatever guitar style captures his fancy. The complex styles of many guitar greats including Django Reinhardt, Les Paul, and Lenny Breau have proved to be no impediment to his vor­acious musical appetite.”
The Chattanoogan, Chattanooga/TN

“The unlimited lightness of guitar playing … Smith masters everything with an ef­fortlessness, that makes all music go straight to the heart.”
Lippische Landes-Zeitung, Detmold/Germany

“Known as 'The Finger-Picking Virtuoso,' Smith performed stunningly complex ren­ditions of classical and contemporary music alike ... a fantastic example of his dexte­rity and wide repertoire of songs ...”
Paige Cunningham, The UTD Mercury, Dallas/TXType your paragraph here.

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